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Generative AI

Play Store Reviews Analysis

Exploratory Data Analysis using Large Language Models

Leveraged advanced NLP to analyze Google Play Store reviews, driving data-driven app improvements and enhancing user satisfaction.

Identified trends, provided actionable recommendations, and demonstrated LLM effectiveness for data-driven app development and improved user experience.

Data Analysis
Natural Language Processing

CodeLlama Debug34

Your Code Savior using Llama - 2 34B

CodeLlama Debug34 is an internal tool designed to streamline the code debugging process, helping developers identify and resolve issues more efficiently.

Leveraging large language model like Llama2 and a user-friendly interface, this tool empowers teams to deliver high-quality code with fewer errors and faster turnaround times.

Identified trends, provided actionable recommendations, and demonstrated the effectiveness of CodeLlama Debug34 in streamlining debugging processes, improving code quality, and enhancing overall development efficiency.

Generative AI
Natural Language Processing

Medical Appointment Analysis

Our desserts are made in house by our pastry chef


Fresh out the oven brownie filled with dark chocolate chips & walnuts


Food Delivery App Data Analysis

Soft drink

Soda, Sprite, Pepsi & Diet Coke

Invoice Parser

Using LiLT

Resume Vector Search

Movie Recommendation RAG App

MathMentor: RAG-Based Problem Solver

Flowchart Generator

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