Pulse Diagnosis Math Model

An effort to Mathematically model the behavior of human pulse through Machine Learning approaches.

Pulse Oximetry

A low cost wearable pulse oximeter, to check blood oxygen saturation and heart beat using finger pulse.

Website - 1

Built the website for Kolkata based event company called LET'S GET LIVE - The Event Co.

Website - 3

Built a website for Mumbai based photographer's company called Photo Garage

Deep Learning for Diabetic Retinopathy

A basic Deep Neural Network Classifier to identify diabetic retinopathic situations from retina scans.

Data Glasses

A low cost smart glass which connect to your phone through Bluetooth and display calls, messages and navigation in-front of the glasses.

Website - 2

Built a website for Mumbai based technical training company called WECAN EDUCATIONAL ORGANIZATION 


Built various kinds of Bots - Smartphone Controlled Bot, Obstacle Detector Bot, Line Follower Bot, Gesture Controlled Bot, Axis Controlled Bot.

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