• Abhilasha Jain

You, Yes You..! "YOU ARE NOT ALONE.."

The one who counts uncountable sleepless nights, going back in past thinking about the things you could have done better.

Repenting on the decisions you could have made right. Regretting the times you spent with the wrong people. Forcing yourself to get rid of that person's special memories.

Crying your eyes for the time you acted selfless. Accusing yourself for not pursuing your dreams. Feeling helpless because no one is actually with you.

Let me tell you one thing :

"..That You Are Not Alone.."

I may not feel the way you are feeling nor can I see the things you've been gone through. Those things have entrenched your mind heavily and are haunting you badly, but they are yours, yours alone and it's horrible that others can't see or feel it.

But trust me, I too have lived this feeling of watching this world from the same broken windscreen. I'm not going to lie to you. I won't say I'm completely okay or life has become a shower or trail of roses. I won't even say I'm much stronger because of what happened to me. I don't agree my ordeal made me the person who I am today.

Everyone of us is going to encounter obstacles sooner or later in life. You'll lose friends, you'll gain friends, you'll discover real friends and you'll learn fake masks. You'll lose yourself, and you'll even re-discover yourself. You'll be different with every passing second.

"Never regret when you change because it's the law of the nature. Stagnant water have diseases but a flowing river will always be fresh."

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