• Abhilasha Jain

A Letter To College Students!

Dear All Collegiate,

Like me, you've also heard people saying, "College life is crucial, get through it once and your life is set." But did anyone tell you, "Why college life is crucial?", "How will getting through college life set your life?" No. Right? "College life" is the phase of your life, where you'd just enter the adulthood. You enter that freedom, where you want to do everything you've been restricted to do till then. You feel like, now you're a free bird and you will do the things your way. But WHAT IS YOUR WAY? That the parents are not behind you, continuously nagging you with questions- where have you been?, what have you done?, where are you going? This is not what life is. In school, teachers use to tell you what are wrongs and rights. At home, parents use to tell you all these things. But when you move to college, parents leave you to take our decisions, because they believe they have taught you well enough to differentiate between right and wrong. Teachers believe, these students are grown, have been taught well enough and sometimes when they pry, you get irritated. Why can't these teachers do what they been assigned for? Why do they need to get involve?

Firstly, you need to set your mind straight about what exactly is that you want to do in your life. You know, you actually differentiate well between right and wrong, when the matter is about your friend's life. You give them such life making suggestions. But when it comes to you, you put your mind to rest and you stop thinking right.

You think people who are always saying yes to your yes and no to your no are your friends. If your friend gives you an advice which you find humiliating, you'd directly end the friendship with them. Because his/her advice doesn't match the way you think about the situation. You fail to understand who your true friend is and how the best advice for you is sometimes going to taste bitter.

You realize it long after when it is already too late.

School friends will be there, you'll have bitter-sweet memories with them, always. But college friends are the friends who will teach you, what's right and wrong in life. if you even have one true friend, that's enough for life, you don't need bunch of them for your life to be "happening",or even to look cool.

College is not only about partying, bunking lectures, chilling out with your partner. It's about setting up a goal for the rest of your life. It's about setting your priorities straight. It's about learning from all your mistakes and rectifying them. It's about choosing the people whom you want to keep in your life forever and to fight for them, with them. College is so much more than just attending lectures for the sake of attendance. Try sitting down someday and think what college life is to you. Because for me, it has been an amazing ride.

Yours truly, A Fellow Collegiate.

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